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Self-operated pressure control valve application notice


When we choose and use the Self-operated pressure control valve, there are some applications problem we need to notice:

(1) the self-operated pressure control valve should be matched with the pressure difference of the outer pipe network
Pressure difference outside the valve network, pressure difference self-operated control valve operating characteristic curve is different.Therefore, during the design selection and actual operation of the pipe network, the pipe should be installed at the position point of the control valve, and the pressure difference of the pipe network should change within the allowable range of the control valve.Too large or too small pressure difference will result in spring failure, causing the valve to not work properly.

(2) The selection of setting pressure difference setting of Self-operated pressure control valve
The Self-operated pressure control valve setting should match the resistance of the piping system within the control valve at the designed flow rate to ensure that the valve works in its optimal working area.Large difference between the two will lead to excessive actual flow of the valve inner pipeline system, which will lead to hydraulic imbalance of the control valve outer pipeline system or lead to too little actual flow of the valve inner pipeline system, which will affect the heating effect.

(3) the selection of caliber of Self-operated pressure control valve
Self-operated pressure control valve of different sizes control different flow ranges.When choosing a self operated control valve, it is better to take the design flow of the pipeline system in the valve into the optimal working area of the valve control flow range according to the valve operating characteristic curve.Select the valve diameter is too small, so that the control valve works at the high end of the flow control range, easily producing noise.Select the valve with too large diameter to make the valve work at the lower end of the flow control range, and the system flow change range is too large, which will easily cause hydraulic imbalance of the external pipeline system and economic waste.Generally, it is better to have the same or smaller diameter of the control valve diameter than the inner pipe system.

(4) the Self-operated pressure control valve cannot replace the flow control valve
The purpose of using the Self-operated pressure control valve is to enable the heat user to adjust the flow rate in a certain range according to the heat demand. The heating system using the Self-operated pressure control valve is a variable flow system.However, at present, most heating pipe networks are determined according to the basic needs of heating. It is difficult for the pipe network system to achieve unlimited heating as required, which is bound to cause hydraulic imbalance of the pipe network system, especially in the heating system where only Self-operated pressure control valve is installed but no heat meter is installed.
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