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HH47X Buffer Butterfly Check Valve

Model:HH47X HH47H

  • Port size:DN40-DN1200
  • Pressure:PN10-PN25 150LB
  • Medium:Water,etc.
  • Temperature :-29~80℃
  • Body material:Ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel
  • Connection:Flange
  • Position type:
  • Characteristic:With hydaulic hammer, slow closing
  • Voltage:
  • Other:HH47X Check Valve manufacturer and supplier
HH47X Buffer Butterfly Check Valve manufacturer, factory and supplier. HH47X Buffer Butterfly Check Valve is mainly used in industrial water supply, sewage treatment plant pumps Outlet, prevent the pipe network in the medium countercurrent. Automatic removal of destructive water hammer to ensure that the pump and pipeline is not damaged. HH47X Buffer Butterfly Check Valve is mainly composed of valve body, disc, buffer device and micro control valve. HH47X Buffer Butterfly Check Valve has the characteristics of novel structure, small volume, small fluid resistance, stable operation, reliable dense pair, wear resistance, good buffering performance and so on, it is the ideal product for industrial water and urban sewage.

HH47X Buffer Butterfly Check Valve Specification: 

Nominal pressure :1.0~2.5MPa

Nominal passage :40~1400mm

Applicable media: water, oil, sewage, sea water

Applicable temperature :0~80℃(up to 200℃ if necessary)

Flange standard :GB/T 17241.6 GB/T 9113

Test standard: GB/T 13927 AP1598


HH47X Buffer Butterfly Check Valve Main features:

1. HH47X Buffer Butterfly Check Valve is small size, light weight, the length of the structure is only about one-third of the swing check valve.

2. HH47X Buffer Butterfly Check Valve slow closing system performance is excellent, not affected by the medium of the pipeline, valve disc first fast closed after slow closing, can prevent breaking water hammer.

3. HH47X Buffer Butterfly Check Valve is rubber soft seal, good sealing performance, wear resistance, long service life.

4. HH47X Buffer Butterfly Check Valve is rubber buffer, smooth opening and closing, no vibration, no noise. Smaller than the old check valve flow resistance, has obvious energy-saving effect.

HH47X Buffer Butterfly Check Valve Structure