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HH48X Slow Closed Butterfly Check Valve


  • Port size:DN40-DN1200
  • Pressure:PN10-PN16 CL150
  • Medium:Water,etc.
  • Temperature :-29~80℃
  • Body material:Cast iron,Ductile iron,Carbon steel,stainless steel
  • Connection:Flange
  • Position type:
  • Characteristic:Slow closing
  • Voltage:
  • Other:HH48X Check valve manufacturer and supplier
HH48X Slow closed butterfly check valve manufacturer, factory and supplier. HH48X Slow closed butterfly check valve can be used in clean water, sewage, sea water and other media drainage pipe, HH48X Slow closed butterfly check valve can prevent the media backflow, but also can effectively limit the destructive water hammer, to ensure the use of pipeline safety. HH48X Slow closed butterfly check valve is not suitable for granular media containing solid particles and large viscosity.

HH48X Slow closed butterfly check valve has the characteristics of novel structure, small volume, light weight, small fluid resistance, reliable sealing, stable opening and closing, wear resistance, long service life, oil pressure, slow closing is not affected by the medium, and has better energy saving effect. HH46X Slow Closing Check Valve have been widely promoted and applied in major industries, urban construction and other industries, with good response.

HH48X Slow closed butterfly check valve specification
Product models: HH48X
Nominal diameter: DN40~DN1200
Nominal pressure: 1.0~4.0Mpa
Applicable media: water, oil products
Applicable temperature: 0~80℃
Connection form: flange
Material: Cast iron, cast steel, ductile iron, stainless steel

HH48X Slow closed butterfly check valve working principle
HH48X Slow closed butterfly check valve is mainly composed of valve body, two semi-circular disc, return spring, oil cylinder, small cylinder group, needle valve (micro control valve). Its principle mainly relies on the thrust action of the inlet medium to push the two disc smoothly. At the same time, the imported pressure medium into the lower part of the cylinder piston, push the piston, the upper part of the piston oil through the needle valve respectively pressed into the valve body on both sides of the small cylinder end, so that the piston rod in the small cylinder out. When the inlet pressure is lower than the outlet pressure, the medium will produce reflux, at this time the valve disc under the action of the spring and the media reflux, will automatically close. But because the piston rod is in the extended position, the valve disc can not be completely closed, there is still about 20% of the area to make the medium through, thus playing the role of eliminating the water hammer. HH48X Slow closed butterfly check valve disc is divided by the piston into two steps of fast closing and slow closing, to prevent motor reversal and eliminate the mute effect.

HH48X Slow closed butterfly check valve structure (On base of PN10, if other pressure contact us)
 HH48X Slow Closing Check Valve structure