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Pneumatic actuated cryogenic ball valve


  • Port size:DN15~300, NPS 1/2〞~ 12〞
  • Pressure:PN16 ~ 100,150LB ~ 600LB
  • Medium:LNG, liquid hydrogen, nitrogen,oxygen
  • Temperature :-40℃ ~ -196℃
  • Body material:stainless steel
  • Connection:Flange
  • Position type:FC,FO,on-off
  • Characteristic:For low temperature medium
  • Voltage:/
  • Other:extended shaft design
Pneumatic actuated cryogenic ball valve introduction:
Pneumatic actuated cryogenic ball valve refers to the use of medium temperature in -40℃ ~ -196℃ ball valve, for low temperature and cryogenic medium management system.The Pneumatic actuated cryogenic ball valve is treated with special low temperature treatment to ensure the low temperature performance of the material. When operating in low temperature conditions, the Pneumatic actuated cryogenic ball valve will not be deformed due to temperature changes and lead to leakage.Pneumatic low temperature ball valve cover with a long neck structure, its purpose is to protect the function of the stuffing box, the stuffing box in a far from the low temperature position, to ensure the sealing effect of the packing.The neck length of the long neck can be used according to the temperature and the thickness of the cold material, to choose different length.
Pneumatic actuated cryogenic ball valve
Pneumatic actuated cryogenic ball valve application:
Pneumatic actuated cryogenic ball valve is suitable for all kinds of pipeline, used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline, choose different materials, Pneumatic actuated cryogenic ball valve can be suitable for different temperatures and different media, the lowest operating temperature is -196℃, the use of medium is usually liquid helium, liquid hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen and other low temperature fluid.

Pneumatic actuated cryogenic ball valve accessories:
1 Electric-Pneumatic (Pneumatic-pneumatic) positioner for regulating ball valve
2 Valve position transmitter
3 solenoid valve
4 limited switch
5 Air filter reducer

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