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Pneumatic high pressure ball valve


  • Port size:DN15~200, NPS 1/2〞~ 8〞
  • Pressure:PN10~32Mpa(900~2500LB)
  • Medium:Water,oil,steam,gas
  • Temperature :-40~450℃
  • Body material:Forged steel
  • Connection:Flanged,Theard,BW,SW is optional
  • Position type:FC,FO,on-off
  • Characteristic:3-piece Structure
  • Voltage:/
  • Other:Side handwheel is optional
Pneumatic high pressure ball valve introduction:
Pneumatic high pressure ball valve is composed of flange forged high pressure ball valve and pneumatic actuator. The Pneumatic high pressure ball valve body material is treated with hard and anti-corrosive treatment, which improves the strength of the valve body and has the advantages of excellent pressure resistance and wear resistance.Pneumatic high pressure ball valve adopts three-stage valve body, which makes the structure more compact and easy to assemble. Pneumatic high pressure ball valve is suitable for hydraulic oil, water, high-pressure gas and other media.Pneumatic high pressure ball valve can be equipped with valve positioner to input 4-20ma analog signal to control the opening size of ball core operation, and achieve proportional adjustment of medium pressure, flow, temperature and other parameters.
Pneumatic high pressure ball valve application:
1. The Pneumatic high pressure ball valve body is made by forging process, which improves the strength of the material and avoids defects such as blowhole and trachoma of the casting.
2. The sealing ring is made of nylon material, which bears higher pressure than teflon, has a long service life and good sealing.
3. Pneumatic high pressure ball valve can maintain the pressure uniformity of valve structure even under the maximum working pressure.
4. Pneumatic high pressure ball valve is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, natural gas, metallurgy, and other industries, as well as natural gas long-distance transportation pipelines with hydrogen sulfide medium, many impurities and serious corrosion.

Pneumatic high pressure ball valve performance:
Pneumatic Actuator Parameters Pneumatic Operated On Off Ball Valve Parameters
Actuator Type single-acting(FO,FC),
double-acting (FL)
Nominal Diameter DN15~200mm
Air Supply Pressure double-acting:2-8bar;  
Nominal Pressure PN10~32Mpa(900~2500LB)
Output Torque double-acting:4N·M~10560N·M Valve Stem Forged stainless steel
single-acting:7N·M~2668N·M Body Material F304,F316,F316L,etc.
Working Temperature Normal temperature type:
-20℃~80℃(Nitrile rubber O-ring)
Valve Ball F304,F316,F316L,etc.
High temperature type:
-20℃~160℃(Fluorocarbon O-ring)
Seat Seal PEEK,Metal seat
Action Range 0~90°±5° End Connnection flange type
Interface thread GTD40~GTD83/ATD50~ATD88    G1/8″ Application Medium Water,steam,oil,gas
GTD110~GTD350/ATD100~200   G1/4″
Valve position signal Positioner:4~20mA;                      
Limit Switch:full open/full close signal
Feature flexible open & close and reliable sealing

Pneumatic high pressure ball valve accessories:
1 Electric-Pneumatic (Pneumatic-pneumatic) positioner for regulating ball valve
2 Valve position transmitter
3 solenoid valve
4 limited switch
5 Air filter reducer
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